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Welcome to the Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre

Quantum Technology is a term to describe electronic materials and devices where effects caused by the quantum nature of matter become significant in their design and performance.

Quantum technology is a rapidly developing research field encompassing physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, aimed at harnessing unusual effects not encountered in classical systems, and using them for practical purposes. Potential applications which are being developed include: quantum computing, quantum cryptography and metrology, novel types of lasers, memories and sensing instrumentation, solar cells and batteries.

Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre (QTC) provides a focus for future quantum technologies and is based in Lancaster University’s Physics Department, a working community of 145 researchers and 80 students.

Collaborative Research and Consultancy

Our unique expertise and multi-million pound facilities enable the translation of quantum technologies into new products and processes to revolutionise the electronics, medicine, energy and computing industries.

Applications of quantum technology

Engineering on nano-scale opens a new generation of devices with radically improved performance and materials with unequalled properties. Their already envisaged and still unforseen applications will also lead to a new era in human history.